Dominum Incorporatus

I sit alone and close my eyes.

I am cast into a drab, frozen world.

So gray and mute

where even the sun barely glows.


The ground is hard

And cracked

Walls form around me

a thousand dusty windows tower high.


Behind them, figures shuffle.

Beyond them, I hear

muffled voices, chanting their verses

Of indoctrination to their cults.


A cloud comes

dark, like smoke.

Thick and noxious

But there’s no fire.


It swallows me

I can hear footsteps

hollow and cold.

They chatter but do not say anything.


I cry out, but they do not hear me

I jump and wave, but they do not see me

I am poisoned by the smoke

That follows them in plumes.


The cold is eating me

I am surrounded, yet alone

A heathen

in a sea of ‘pious’ souls.


Just as my skin is about

To crawl from my bone in horror

I snap open my eyes

and escape.


I look around me

and gasp in terror.

Nothing’s changed.

Except for the hue.


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