Welcome back!

Did you find it?

Did you see it?

What was it like?


Did you find its tears?

Crystals of salt and agony.

A trail of despondency

Righteous and cruel.


Believe in it,

Or not.

That is how you kill a God!

Madness! It cries!


Depraved and broken, the old king

Clinging to its crown of gold

and blood red diamonds

It cries!


Did it suffer?

When you found it?

Did it bleed

Blood of Red?


Wretched and shriveled

It awaited succession

From sallow loins

It lost faith.


The clock struck

Its needlepoint

Like that of the spear’s tip

Through the heart, it was conquered.


Tell me now

Is it gone?


Madness! A God cannot be killed!


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