I am the Angel of Death

Azrael am I

I am the eldest

second only to creation.


Over millennia I have witnessed

Acts of cruelty

And malice

Beyond all comprehension.


I am not

Like my brothers

Who dwell blissfully

In Heaven.


I have seen good men

Brought to camps

And forgotten to wither

Because of a star.


I am not a seraph

Who sits beside God.

Nor am I Michael

His beloved.


However, I was there

When the twin cities

Disappeared at a button’s press

Vaporizing all hope and innocence.


Nor am I Gabriel

With their beautiful

Purposeful voice.

Mine is forever silent.


For in the trenches

I have seen

Young boys rot

In alien lands.


And neither am I like

Brother Lucifer

Upon his throne in Hell

For even he is spared such cruelty.


I have seen patriots

Kill patriots

Over and Over

Sickness on Native soil.


I am an agent

between Heaven and Earth.

Never have I ever

Committed sin.



Holy wars are fought

Defiling our name

In the name of our God

all in vain.



Yet I am the one feared

And Loathed

By all who breathe.

I am the Angel of Death.


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