Deep in the wilderness of Sinai

In the depths of the rocky crags

I sit in the lonely darkness.


Once these wilds were full

Of shepherds and their flocks,

Prosperous and succulent.


One for the Lord

And one for me

Their sin offerings were sent.


Ushered unto the wilds

To find the deepest pit

Where I wait to feast.


Into my gut

The meat of the he-goat goes

And with it, sin is digested.


But now, the shepherds have gone

Into their holy land

And they left me behind.


Without their grace

I fear that in these caves

I will starve.


For centuries since I have

Cried and roared

My own echo the only answer.


Without this grace

No sin may leave this holy plane.

And I will starve.


I claw at the steep walls

scarring and destroying my home

where I once feasted handsomely.


Sin will fester among them

Like a cancer

It will kill from within.



Stuck here every day I can feel

my flesh go tight

and my body weak.


Without my grace

Their kingdom will fall

Unto invaders and tyrants.



I was forgotten by those above

The once prosperous shepherds

We will both starve.


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