I walk the path between all time and space.

The Constable, A lawman am I.

Narrow is my path betwixt brutal realms

Great is my purpose to weight the scales


At first, it was simple

at the dawn of all

I worried for Brother Lucifer

And the Devils in Hell.


Now, however, as the pit fills with refuse and sin

I am ragged and winded

Alone, no rest for the Holy

Restless be the wicked.


Brother Michael scorns me

For imperfections and indiscretions

The mistakes, those who pass me by

In my weary state.


Eternity, its curses me

Eternity, it burns me

Eternity, it twists me

Eternity, set me free.


Eons pass and I hear their screams

As I cast them back to the depths

With strong arms and stronger resolve

The abyss consumes them.


They plead

They sob

So scarred,

so terrorized.


I breathe the flames of Hell, its smoke stinging my lungs

The smoke, it curses me

The smoke, it burns me.

The smoke, it twists me.


Brother Death!

I feel your tears!

Weeping from the flesh of my heart!



Come, dear brother!

I can hear your cries!

Embrace me!

Set me free!


Eternity, I curse you!

Eternity, I burn you!

Eternity, I twist you!

Hear my commands!


I am the law,

The pillar of the great scale

Greater is my purpose

Than this narrow wall.


Come Brother Death

Our duties and our fares

Are far in neglect!

Come! Dear brother, out of this prison.



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