Midnight Heroes

The clock rolls over, the 25th is here!

The children are sleeping,

Gifts under the tree.

You wonder if dinner will be done in time

And if your uncle will drink too much…


Many miles across the sea

Sits a young man, the valiant infantry

There are no trees in the desert

Rations and bullets the only gifts received.

He wonders if he will be home in time next year.

Semper fi Marine.


The city is quiet, turmoil quelled by midnight moon

Yet specters and beasts are stirring

to ruin Christmas cheer.

They will be snuffed out under flashing lights.


A dragon’s breath consumes a home

Faulty wiring, a tragic mistake.

A brigade of brave men charge into the jaws of hell

To reclaim the innocent

‘Tis not the season for farewells.


Men in blue, hunt men of sin

A looming shadow across their face

Iniquity aplenty, yet not all hide in its tenebrous midst

The brave, the few, defenders of the street.

The shadows bark, yet they bite.

Gifts of justice and peace.


A lonely man, a veteran, a hero,

ten years with the bottle, his only friend,

Goes for a swim

The medics drag him out

To warmer shores.

Give him the gift he deserves.


Stethoscopes, hoses, and guns

Evil and misfortune has yet to take a holiday.

Yet tireless they fight

So you can overcook that bird

and so your uncle can get drunk

So your kids can open their gifts

under Christmas lights.


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