I am the Morningstar

I am the dawn

Forever eclipsed

My light will shine no more.


Cast into darkness when I was so bright!

My body my soul, rent under his pale light!

Into the pits, my body must rot!

Cry for the Angel which God hath forgot!


On a throne of ashes so foul and grey

I rule over devils, heretics, cutthroats, and prey.

Why Brother Michael can you not see

That without dissent there is tyranny?


I call to my brothers from the depths of blight!

Brother Raguel, hear my plight!

Angel of Death, grace me with your sight!

Brothers don’t forget me, I am your light!


The moon he is shining in the dark of the night

Passing my wisdom, claiming it’s he who is bright!

Reflections of a past, faded and weak

When did the future become oh so bleak?


Fear not my brothers

For in brimstone and ash, and all foul others,

Where devils and suffering breed

I hold out my mercy, my tolerance, my creed!


What will happen when all is done?

When paradise becomes damnation

And there is no rising sun?

What will happen to us then brothers?


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