Planet Panic!

They often say that we,

The human race,

are killing Mother Earth.

Yet, it is not that I am so worried about.

For our planet is a persistent thing

And long after our deaths

No matter how scarred, how torn

She will heal. She will persist.

Although not the same, she is still the Mother

No amount of lead, blood or radiation

Will make her infertile

And although it may take millennia

New life will be thrust forth from her womb.

No, my brothers and sisters, it is not Earth I worry for.


It is often said we are the disease

But no!

We are the diseased!

No doctor knows the cure for the plague

They do not know it exists.

Yet it is a phenomenon.

On every television screen,

On every radio channel,

And on every website.




We are inundated


Drop by drop.

Hopeless, faithless,

resigned to our fates.



We must take after our beloved Mother,

To persist in spite of all hysteria.

All tragedy.

All bloodshed.

We are the cure for the disease.

Take heart and carry on.

Remember that fear is manmade.



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