It’s all the same,

This eternal, tenebrous veil,

Encapsulating me.


Am I floating?

Do I stand or do I lay?

I have forgotten.


How long have I been here?

Seems like ages have passed

But I have not aged a day.


Can I move up

If there is no down?

Nothing consumes me.


How can I move forward,

When there is no backward?

Space is all I know.


Can there be sunrise

If there is no dawn?

No dusk without a moon?


The only thing

Breaking the numbing black

Are those little lights.


They come at odd intervals

Floating erratically

Some slow, some quick.


I try and reach out

To grab onto them

Yet I always seem to miss.


Sometimes I do not even bother

Fed up with my failures

I simply watch in despair.


Other days I am primed,

Ready to snatch them,

Even though I know I’ll miss.


Those Faeries,

Those little lightning bugs,

Those distant stars.


I will catch one someday.

I will hold it close,

And it will set me free.


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