The world around me

It’s flashing, whirring,

Blurring in a mass

Of neon and crass judgments.


Commercials flicker on the screen

Buy this, sell this,

Our wares, our memes

Don’t burden yourself with thought!


People all around me shout

I’m a lawyer! I’m an executive!

I’m this, you’re not!

Why don’t you walk in my shadow?


Tell you what though,

We’re all just stardust.

You heard me

We’re stardust.


No amount of bragging,

No amount of money,

Can change the fact

That we are stardust.


Limited, all is limited

Life, resources, and even history.

It’s a ticking time bomb

Waiting for the Cosmic Rapture.


That’s why I dare,

That’s why I wander,

That’s why I dream,

We are cosmic, we are stardust.


Ascension, enlightenment,

We look out the window

When really what we need

Is just under the welcome mat.


The truth, the secret,

It’s in our flesh, in our genes

Every molecule, every atom

Is made up of stardust.


The body grows old and sickly

Yet the soul persists

To where I cannot say

It’s the spirit, the cosmic essence.


We are stardust,

We are the cosmos,

We are the light,

Given form.


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