Deep inside my being,

In the plains of my weary soul,

Demons are marching,

Fighting for control.


Every night it’s the same

Those damned tyrant’s

Shout distorted rhymes

Calling me, wooing me

Targeting me to tame.


There is the ox tall and robust

Hear his methods, his contorted trust:

I am domination before us all will fall!

I am the power, hear the alluring call!

This arrogant world just needs a sturdy wrecking ball!

Broken, and awed they won’t see us coming!

Fury is my name,

Through pain and anger

We will ignite the ancient flame

Indignity met with rancor

Submit to me and I will be your anchor!


Then there’s the owl small yet clever

Hear of their indignation, gnosis of the nether:

I am ascension, see the higher plane!

Leave the lesser far behind, they have little to gain!

Soar high above the rabble, outwit the bloated, the pain!

A dead, dying world is what you will find!

Pride is thy name,

Through arrogance and knowledge

We will play the ancient game!

Indignity met with superiority

Come under my guidance and you will have all authority!


Then there’s the fox a curious, lustful hound

Haunting and tortuous, her presence abound:

So drab is your existence have you not known?

That there is one chance, one fight, one world sown?

Is there not fun to be had? Should life not be your own?

So why waste it, with discipline and pride?

Fetish is my name,

Through pleasure and apathy

We will find insignificance to blame!

Indignity met with instability

Embrace me and you will find your true ability!


Oh Lord! Where are my Angels?

Temper to check Fury?

Humility to check Pride?

Temperance to check Fetish?


Such is my battle with each unholy beast

Day by day their narratives never halt in the least!

Dread is my saber, fear my shield

Never will I be tempted, no unholy power shall I wield!


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