The Choir of Angels

Their soft voices,

Placid and beautiful,

Hum glorious truths.

Enchanting, encouraging,

Forever they sing.


The voice of the Demon,

The wicked Heckler

With a voice like thunder

Spits blasphemy

Into the foreground.


The choir stays stable

Voices unwavering,

No note missed,

They sing and sing

Eternal truth.


Yet the foul creature

He rants and raves

Forked tongue weaving

Fears and lies

The choir unheard.


He screams divine conspiracies,

Prognosticates fates yet untold.

His presence is demanding

And his breath like brimstone

An overbearing, crude creature.


Yet despite his madness

If you tone him out

And listen carefully

You will still hear their divine chorus

Of eternal, pleasant truths.


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