It’s Not About Them

Teddy was valedictorian.

He got his first job at seventeen.

Interned at the company,

Got promoted before he was twenty-two!


Valerie was born with a silver spoon.

Daddy showed her the ropes.

And upon his death,

Ascended to his throne.


Ned was Ivy league.

Harvard Grad,

Be proud dad!

Another cog in the machine!


Yet, it’s not about them.

They are strange,

They are freaks,

Quirks of society.




We live under their reign.

Lust, Envy or greed, sin is the same.


It’s not about who gets “there” first,

Nor if you get “there” at all.

It’s not about what they love.

It’s just not about them.


Businessmen, lawyers, and doctors

Are great and all,

But what if you don’t fit their mold?

Fortunately, it’s not about them.


It doesn’t matter who calls you “successful”

What does that even mean?

Does it mean making lots of money

Or is it about your happiness, your dream.


“That’s not the way the world works!” They shout.

Bullshit, liars,

You didn’t create the world!

How do you know all its secrets?


It’s not about the president,

It’s not about your parents,

It’s not about me.

It’s about you, who are you anyhow?


Like working with your hands?

A trade is just fine!

Like to read and write?

Creating your novel will be a blast!


Are you an academic?

Then pursue that degree!

“What will you do with that?” they may ask.

Anything, anything you dream!


A million paths extend before you,

Entwined like the roots of the tree

Nobody knows your future but you,

That’s the real reality.


The world isn’t just,

Commerce or peer pressure,

It’s about you, your story.

It’s about what you choose to believe.


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