On the outside, I look so benign

A little green pineapple

With a glossy outer coat

An ornament, a toy!

Don’t you dare pull my pin!


My guts are incendiary

My body combustible, expendable

You don’t want to look inside.

I’m a fucking Grenade

Don’t you dare pull my pin!


Bullets buzz around us

What a racket! What a riot!

You’re dancing a dangerous line

You don’t wanna cross it

Unless you wanna pull my pin!


I’m heating up now

I’m boiling from the inside

I’ve only got one purpose

I’m a fucking grenade,

Do you wanna pull my pin?


Bullet holes and bloodstains

All I see is red!

Body count rising higher!

Come on let’s end this!

I’m a fucking Grenade.


Now you’ve done it

Loud, obnoxious

This war’s over!

Like a trip-wire

My trigger’s been sprung!


Now I’m flying, spinning

I’m coming for you!

Bounce, rattle

Watch out!

Here comes the fucking Grenade!


Clash of thunder

Cloud of Smoke

My very being shatters!

Cutting, rending, flaying!

I only have one purpose!


Now, everything’s gone silent

Nothing of me remains

Only smoke and shrapnel

Blood and pain.

I’m a motherfucking Grenade…


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