Look up and watch for me

Don’t blink cause in a flash I’m gone

A shudder in the night sky

I soar by on a trail of light!


With my sonic speed

I escape your gravity.

Round and round the galaxy,

I’ll fly till I burn out!


I have seen it all!

Exploring all the stars

Planets beyond your wildest dreams

And nebulas bizarre!


Look beyond your atmosphere

Beyond those sunny blue skies.

Into the night you’ll see it all

How vast and strange reality can be!


Stars explode around me

I soar through their ashes,

I come back around and visit again

To see a new society exist!


Round and Round about the universe

I soar on a trail of light!

I come back every once and awhile,

Then I’m gone in a blink!


Now traveling the cosmos

Is not all fun and games

There are dangers and terrors

Then again on Earth, it’s the same!


Beware the black holes

Who want to swallow your light

Like a minefield evade them

And keep out of their way.


They’ll chew you up

And spit you out

Fragments, molecules,

Broken up in parts unknown.


Their gravity is massive

So you best keep away

From those who try to drag you

Back into their energy.


Yet its all worth it

For they are but a small part

Of this grand, expanding universe

It’s a marvelous work of chaos!


So soar and pick up speed

Reach escape velocity

Burn through the atmosphere and beyond

Obeying no planet’s gravity!


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