Look to the sky

And see that massive glowing orb!

The light, the power,

It is the fire that burns in all!


The cosmic radiation

Which powers the soul

A twisting nexus of fusion

Stardust in its ultimate form!


All may seem limited for even stars can die

One punctual end for all!

However, we never think of the fallout

The aftermath, the storm.


One day we will all go supernova

Death stealing all we know

Yet from the dust of your soul

New life arises!


Many have fallen

Dispersed their ashes before you!

They’ve poured their stardust

Scattered it across the world!


That is where you come from!

The ashes of history

Energy neither created nor destroyed

Only reforged into something greater!


You too will be recycled

What will you breed?

Who or what will carry your energy

Into the next life?


Maybe only the brightest stars get noticed

However the nova powers legacy

And is seen across the universe

And from it, a thousand brilliant stars are born!


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