It was majestic, it was a dream,

Gilded in foils of silver and champagne,

Your life, your love, it overwhelmed you.

You thought it’d never end

Then the Honeymoon came.


Once the ceremony was said and done

And you two were left alone

Cold silence followed inside of you

A strange, crawling feeling

That would undo you.


Their eyes, beaming with glistening lust

They dart about the world, watching

“What are they looking for?” The voices ask.

The question creeps into your soul

Born of fear, it stalks you in privacy.


Until one day, questions unanswered

They overwhelm you, drive you to the brink

As it asks “What if they see something better than me?”

So you confront them, rip out their eyes

Blind, they cannot see any better.


Their voice, comforting and warm

It weaves brilliant insights

Of which you only see a twisted self-reflection.

So you cut out their tongue

So that you can hear no more.


Their ears listen, to the birds, to the people outside

“Who are they listening to?” The shadows ask.

What sweet music, what saccharine voice?

The mystery overwhelms you

So you cut off their ears.


Then the thought strikes you

In the blackest of night

“What if they run? What if they fight?”

The next morning you cut off their legs,

Then lop off their arms.


So now they sit around all day

Blind, deaf and lame.

No more fears, no more worries

Yet somethings not right,

No, that’s when you realize…


Their beautiful, beaming eyes have been replaced by craters

Their comforting voice has become mute

Without their ears, they cannot hear your love

Without arms, they cannot embrace you

Without legs, they cannot go with you.


Without all these things

That which you fell in love with

They are but a husk, a lump

And you realize that if they let you do this to them

Didn’t they really love you?


Did they still?


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