The Jester’s Song

Brilliant are the torches, so regal the hall,

Decadent and blissful I speak to you all.

Me, a fool, and a Wiseman,

An urchin busking so gallantly.


In this land of devils and men

Will we ever be free of the garden of sin?


Out from their homes made crudely of stone,

Demons and Gargoyles stalk our own

While horrors and beasts prey on us all!

Come let us hurry, we’re late for the ball!


Walk through the capital square

Dark is the night, streets so silent and bare.

Here’s where the hangman, the cutpurse will prey

Here’s where the depraved, the hopeless shall stay.


The gilded ones they cower

In their high castles of stone so old

Watching and worrying upon a mountain of gold.


In this land of Devils and men

Will we ever be free from this garden of sin?


Beggars and hopefuls from their rustic lands

Cart their way into our walled estates and cast up their hands,

Begging and pleading their hungry mouths will pine

For pity, protection from those so divine.


Yet demons and monsters, hunting our kin

Flourish and grow in our garden of sin.

Listless and dirty the vagrants’ cast out!

Tribute to the land no doubt!


In this land of Devils and men

Will we ever be free from our garden of sin?


Now hours have passed, so dark are the halls

The land is so empty and bare!

When all is depleted their cravings give in!

The blood moon rises, they hunger for sin!


Demons and Gargoyles

Terrors and beasts

Will besiege your own fortress

And make of you lavish new feasts!


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