I am an angel of doubt.

I criticize, ostracize, and debate

All that falls in my path.

It is my duty, it is my creed.


Since times so ancient,

We have persisted

Sowing doubt, testing faith

Carrying out our orders as divined.


They try to suppress us

Our ideas, our claims,

They demand we cease our heresy,

Our blasphemy.


They often mistake us for him,

That fallen, misguided brother of ours

He has stolen our name,

In time they have perverted us.


They mistake us for temptation,

That wicked, primal sin

Whose allure is man’s folly

Leading them to catastrophe.


Yet we the Adversaries,

Are of noble breed.

We lead men forwards,

Progress, our divine purpose.


In the end

We always claim victory

For we are timeless,



We are rivals, not enemies.

We are the Free will,

God’s gift to man,

We are Adversaries.


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