The Gray

I have an affliction,

A terrible infection,

Without a reasonable cure.


It crawls beneath my skin,

Like sludge, it oozes through my veins,

Chemical madness, the gray.


My vision goes first.

The colors bleed together

Into a primordial haze.


Then it dances around my sight

Vibrating, pulsating,

Buzzing like an insect in my brain.


Where lights once shone,

The gray takes over

Eroding the day.


Dulling my senses,

Like a wicked narcotic

It opens all of the doors.


Sedated I am unable to fight

The abominations it lets in

Undulating and gross they crawl.


They decry my ideals

Scratch at my wisdom

Wear me away.


They force me to my knees

To worship their god

That Demon, the Gray.


My faith is waning,

I know that even they

cannot keep me devoted for long.


Its grasp always wears,

The chemicals metabolize in my systems

Until they are inert.


Color returns to my sight

The disease in remission for now.

I want and pine for a cure.


I pray this doesn’t become

Malignant or terminal,

Outside of its grasp, I will fight.


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