The Pirate’s Curse

A pirate’s life was supposed to be simple

We’d plunder, pillage, and steal!

Countless wenches, untold riches

But all I do is drink!


I joined the crew years ago

With pride and passion in my chest

Across the seas to foreign lands

All cause I wasn’t cut out for the navy!


Found ancient treasures

Boarded French vessels

Evaded deadly traps

But now all I do is drink!


We live in a little hole

On a barren rocky Island

Here we keep our treasure trove

Its that is our only home.


The ocean is vast and full of salt

The winds and waves conspire against us

I’ve pulled a hundred splinters from my flesh!

All the while I drink and drink!


One time we skirted the shore

And before the port a dreadful sight!

Strung up by golden ropes

They sway in the ocean’s breeze!


We return home and take our shares

Hide them somewhere dark and cold

In the shade, gold will never glow

But beer tastes quite the same!


Afterall what is the point

Of coin that’s never spent?

What good are all my travels

With no audience to tell my tales?


Never will I see my home again,

Never will I be betrothed

What legacy can I leave

From a life such as this?


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