Running through a distant forest

Whose paths bear an ancient curse,

You know its watching you

Waiting in the brush, you run.


You hear a twig snap

And soon your feet thunder

Hurry, hurry down the path

Lock the door, don’t let it in!


From inside your old cabin,

You hear its creeping claws

Patrolling the walls

Crawling on the roof!


Cowering and helpless

You can feel its hunger

Its stomach growling

You hear its gnashing fangs.


You feel your blood go volcanic

Your innards start to boil

In agony, you languish

Don’t let the monster in!


Don’t Panic!

Feel it crawl beneath your skin

Don’t Panic!

The creature’s trapped outside!


Its voice mimics the familiar

Spinning webs, weaving lies

A bad impression, don’t believe it

Don’t let this creature lure you out!


Then it happens, a little gap in the boards

A pale claw,

writhing, crawling, creeping,

It’s gross flesh reaching for you.


Don’t Panic!

The creature’s hunting you!

Don’t Panic!

Trapped, you must bear the night!


With all you have you take a board

And bat away its spindly limb.

Surprised it recoils

A pain it rarely feels.


A scratching at the window

You see it’s loathsome form,

A mouthful of crooked, knife-like teeth,

Dim eyes watching you.


Don’t panic!

You can’t let it in!

Don’t panic!

Keep the walls solid between you!


You freeze and so very still

You watch its slobbering maw

As it hisses, eyes searching

Don’t act, don’t move, don’t panic!


Don’t Panic!

Don’t let it lure you out!

Don’t Panic!

In your shelter, it cannot follow!


Moments turn into days

Hours into years

Empires rise and blow away

The gray monster waits for you.


Yet its hunger

Pangs of gluttony overwhelm it

Depraved it snarls impatient

Dismounting it routs.


Back into the forest,

To hunt another like you

One more vulnerable without a cabin

Safe, for now.


You are free to walk these paths

But always keep your cabin within sight

In case it gets hungry again

and you must survive another painful evening.


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