We as a race now we have a tendency,

we have an instinct,

a drive, a desire,

To preserve a legacy,

to give it all meaning arbitrarily.


In the beginning, we didn’t have

business, corporation,

economics, or politics,

Art or literature,

we were cavemen scraping by.


Fear, that eternal tyrant

it pushes us to improve

to comfort, make easy, efficient

We built organizations and bureaucracy

to give us a better legacy.


What we need to remember though

Is this all just imaginary

Our legacy has created arrogance

over things that don’t exist.

Money, laws, intangible things.


We need to remember this is all a story

A book with a beginning and end

Made by the imagination,

To make things interesting,

To make things enjoyable.


Now however it seems

these institutions, these fairy tales

they betray us, dreams

turned to nightmares,

Keeping us awake at night.


Our imagination’s been stunted

perverted by men who think its real

That the creation is better

than creation itself.

Or maybe they don’t know how to create?


It’s a stigma,

a hurdle,

that there’s this everlasting dogma

of the “real world” and “growing up”

but they don’t understand.


We left the “real world”

when we left our caves

We seem to forget that it’s not

The laws of man that run the universe,

but the laws of nature acting through us.





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