Gods of Tomorrow

Out of the forge of time,

We march forth

An army of Chaos

Harbingers of the Storm.


Legions of Flesh!

March from out of your legacy

Push forward from ancestry

Forever forward, feed the spark!


From an ancient past

We were crafted by an unknown entity

Its purpose was unclear to me

Until the day I found it inside.


Whatever it was, god or the universe

It had a purpose, a master plan

We are the reflection

Of its last desperate throes.


Crafted in its image,

It gave us the spark

Inspiration to create

To carry on the wondrous work!


We are the Gods of Tomorrow!

Whether the creator is dead or alive

Our purpose is the same, create

Just as Creation did.


We are the Gods of Tomorrow!

Children of an unknown family

Divinity redefined

Evolution beyond the mind.


Unlike the beasts

We paint and carve great works

We imagine, dream, innovate.

We know how to evolve.


We search beyond our limits

Looking for stars, looking for the invisible

Like Gods one day our knowledge

Will ascend beyond our reality.


We are the Gods of Tomorrow!

If we are his image,

Does that not mean that God was once a man?

Does it not mean, we were meant to be gods?


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