You sit at home

Under the safety of your bright lights

Who will not suffer a single shadow to live

Details distract you from the brewing storm.


Outside, the winds pick up

Howling like a demon,

The heavens begin to weep

Filling the streets with Angelic tears.


With a mighty gust

Your walls shake

Lights flicker

and your heart begins to race.


An explosion,

Sparks like stardust

Fall from the tower

Wiped away by the rain.


In a flash, you are trapped in darkness

An unwelcome guest

A parasite

Feeding on your sanity.


Furniture and paintings familiar

Warp into sinister effigies,

In the heart of the silence

The shadows begin to whisper.


You peer out a window

And feel as if in a void

For not even the stars shine tonight

Smothered by charcoal clouds.


Something churns inside you

Something Depraved

Something hungry

You feel sense slip away.


You stumble about your home

Clinging to the walls

For every step feels as if

You will fall into the ebony abyss.


It lasts for hours

But feels like an eternity

Finally, you fall into a cold sleep

In which you cannot dream.


Tossing and turning finally

In the early hours of the morning

You hear it

One thunderous click.


You feel it as the energy runs through you

As every outlet, every cord

Is filled with power

And every screen becomes alight


You’ve survived this storm

Trees are felled, lines are severed

But yours are intact

Until the next harrowing tempest.


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