The Butterfly Effect

Some people trod the Earth

Blissfully unaware

Of the Earthquakes caused

By their aggressive gait.


They do not understand

The collateral damage

From the hurricanes

Produced by their shouting.


They believe the world is flat

No dimension other than what is seen

They do not think of the aftershocks

Or of the aftermath.


They do not know that

The applicant they berated

Suffered from anxiety

And that their vitriol caused a panic attack.


They do not know

That the sales associate they screamed at

Lost faith in it all

And took their own life.


So much drama

So much pain

Caused by seemingly little things

Things they do not value.


They believe the world is flat.

They are consumed by conceit,

Which they swing about like a club

Apathetic to what they may break.


They do not know the value

Of that which is shattered.

They do not know the value,

Indeed, the weight of their abrasion.


Behind closed doors,

Vile arguments and abuses occur,

Agony and hopelessness breed,

Desperation drives men slowly into the depths.


Narrow trip wires line the way,

And they stomp through them,

Igniting claymores, never looking back

At the effect of their ignorance.


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