Formed under the pressures of this world

I spin and I dance

Above the ocean’s salty spray

Feeding, growing, collecting.


The winds they call me

To your rocky shores

To your rustic cities

It’s time to wake up.


Like the tears of a thousand Angels

I bear down upon you

Raising rivers, eating shores

Tears of fury. Tears of pain!


I roar like the lion of Babylon!

My voice echoes through every sinking street

City by city, town by town

I plunge you into darkness!


I’m not quite the hurricane

That you make me out to be

I just can’t help myself

Trees and power lines are so delicate!


You weep in the shade

Depraved from your murderous drug!

You’ve grown so conceited, so comfortable

Yet you’re life’s made of paper!


I hear your sirens scream

I watch your soldiers barricade against me!

But bullets cannot kill me!

And medicine does me no good!


I am the cancer of this world

The carcinoma of your crimes!

I lash back against you,

I will be avenged sevenfold!


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